Send Money Abroad

UAE Exchange India offers a host of Send Money Abroad facilities to enable you to remit
money abroad in a quick and secure way.

The products available for Send Money Abroad are:
FCDD – Foreign Currency Demand Draft :

  • One of the methods of transferring money to overseas
  • Customer can deposit the FCDD in abroad bank and get it cleared
  • Available in all major currencies
  • Validity is three months from date of issue
  • Mainly opting for Education, Visa fees, Immigration, Employment purposes

TT(Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift

  • An electronic method of transferring funds
  • Easy & Secure way to transfer money abroad
  • Transferring money directly to the abroad account
  • Option for almost all the personal transactions
  • Getting the credit within 48 working hours

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Send Money to USA
Send Money Abroad

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How can i send money abroad?

All you need is to submit your mobile number and our experienced advisors will reach you in no time. You will be guided through the right documentation, leading to easy processing and prompt delivery. You can also avail our overseas money transfer service through FCDD and TT through SWIFT.